My own little slice of heaven

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Well, what you probably don’t know is that we bought a house, and we moved in around the beginning of October! 4 rooms + a kitchen + 2 bathrooms and a washroom. It’s 104 m2 divided on 2 floors. We love it! Lots of room for us, our hobbies and for the cats to run around!

What I’ve always wanted, was a little corner for just me. Where I could have my own little makeup-studio kind of table. A big mirror on the wall, a little cute makeup-desk and just makeup everywhere!

Well guess what! I’m getting just that! My loving partner spent the better part of a whole day today at IKEA in Stockholm and got me almost everything I need for that little slice of heaven!  (There was some malfunction so he didn’t get my whole list and missed the little stool I wanted. But we will just have to go back! Gah!)

I promise when we have it all done I will post pictures of how it looks, but for now you will only get the actually pieces and you can try and imagine the rest til we have it up and running. Not actually sure of where we are gonna place this slice of mine, but we will figure it out.

This is the table I got today (a hell to put it together!) it’s so much bigger then it looks. I was surprised when I got it!


The stool we will have to get another day.


The mirror I will be adoring myself in!


And then a little side mirror for making sure my hair is perfect all around!


As lighting I chose to go with 2 of these lamps


I will have them vertical one on each side of the black big mirror!

This is a little bit of how my corner will look! I will try and get some nice big mugs to have all my brushes in, and I already got a pretty decent storage for all my damn eyeshadows that are up to over 200 now. (Will need to update that list sometime I guess).