EOTD. Cranberry Bella Shinkirou.

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Another make! I got my Cranberry Sauce! Finally!




Cranberry Sauce all over my lid, and then La Bella Donna above that one on the outer eye of my eye from Archetype. Shinkirou as highlighter as normal. I love Cranberry Sauce, tho the pictures don’t do it justice at all. I’ll try to make another one some day and get a better pictures.

EOTD. Snow Integra Angel.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

On a train to Gothenburg. Gonna go pick up Saria! Luckily I borrowed my boyfriends mobile broadband so I can surf on the train! I was a bit worried it would have bad reception, but it’s working pretty well!

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-4 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-5 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-6

Red day! I am subbornly trying to practise my red makeup skills. Integra Dog I and II from Archetype. Also Snow Angel from MAD. Integra Dog I in the corner of the eye. Integra Dog II over the rest of the eye and under. Snow Angel as highlighter. I am pretty happy with i




The pictures don’t really show the difference between Integra Dog I and II, but there is a difference.

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-2 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-3

EOTD. Sultry Doubt Shinkirou.

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Since I’m off today, and my boyfriend is not at home to help me rebuild my blog (he is the programmer in this relationship) I decided to take some more pictures of other eye-shadows.

eotd-140309-sultry-doubt-shinkirou-2 eotd-140309-sultry-doubt-shinkirou-3

No Doubt all over my lid, and below my eye aswell. Sultry Cafe to darken the shade inbetween my browbone and lid, and then Shinkirou as highlighter. No Doubt and Sultry Cafe from MAD. Shinkirou from Fyrinnae.




I am getting the hang of red shades now. Still not sure if I actually fit in them, but I’ll keep working on it.

EOTD. Shinkirou Kabuki Heart Genie Bunnies

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Today I played with a lot of eye-shadows. Most of them I haven’t used before.

eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-4 eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-3

It’s Heart of Gold from MAD in the corner of my eye, and from there and out it’s Genie Lamp, Lust Bunnies and Kabuki, all of them from Fyrinnae. I use Shinkirou as a highlighter, also from Fyrinnae. I use Smokey Eyeliner from EDM as the liner on my upper eye line. On my in line I use an Eyeliner Pen from FACE Stockholm. The Mascara is Lumene Blueberry Curl.




I’m not sure what to think about the mascara. I do like the actual mascara. But not sure about the rubber brush. I managed to poke myself in the eye, and I almost ruined my make-up when my eyes watered up. I might try the mascara with my old brush from the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara just to see the difference.

Today I played around with hue, saturation, brightnes and contrast. So the pictures looks differendt compared to my old ones.

I’m actually really pleased with the outcome of this days EOTD. I don’t usually get along with any red colours, but today it was never a problem!

EOTD. Whisper Wild Illegal

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Dagens EOTD. Bilderna är inte lika smickrade som nytagna bilder skulle varit. Detta är efter en lång dag på jobbet + träning. Det ända jag har förbättrat är inlinern på insidan av ögonlocket, skuggan är i originalskick så att säga. (De små bilderna är klickbara) Man ser på de små bilderna att skuggan har låssnat lite. Men för att vara en hel dag och genom ett spinningpass så är det inte så illa.

eotd-040209-whisper-wild-illegal-5 eotd-040209-whisper-wild-illegal-4 eotd-040209-whisper-wild-illegal-6

Det är alltså, Wild Mango på insidan av ögonlocket, ända ut till mitten. Sedan har jag Illegal på utsidan av ögonlocket, och Whisper Red som highlighter. Illegal och Wild Mango är 2 av mina absoluta favoriter. Ni får lite större bilder också




Väntar nu spänt på mina nya färger från Fyrinnae, MAD och Archetype. Inte för jag har hunnit använda i närheten av alla mina nuvarande provburkar och påsar.