Pressing Eye Shadows

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Since I’m born a big klutz, I’ve been eyeing the possibility to press your mineral eye shadows and using them in pallets instead of working with the powder (so the possibility of making a total mess lessens). But I just haven’t had the time/energy/interest to actually do anything about it. But now I started eyeing the product EZ Prez Pressing Medium from Coastal Scents. It’s a pressing medium made for mineral eye shadows/pigments and is supposed to work well with them! I’ve watched/read some reviews and I’m leaning towards making an order next week.

They also have palettes you can buy to store your newly pressed minerals in.

The only downside I will keep track of which eye shadow is which when they are all lined up in palettes like this. Maybe I’ll need to somehow mark the bottom with the name of the shadow. But! I’ll be able to bring them to work/anywhere without having them in lots of plastic bags and even then still having them leak powder absolutely everywhere!

The only real problem is that all tutorial videos I find mention that quarter is the perfect coin size to use while pressing. But I live in bloody Sweden, how big is a quarter? Well I’ll just have to see, I have some Euro laying around as well, they might work?

So I think I might make  a ‘little’ order at Coastal Scents and try some of their blushes or eye shadows. I doubt it will be very hard to find something I want.