EOTD – Gargoyle Daybreak Zeljana

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

This is a few days old. Well, from yesterday I think.

Products I used:

  • Eye Shadow Daybreak Aeval – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Zeljana – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow The Gargoyle Trees – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Shinkirou – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Eye Shadow In the Garden – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Mascara 38°C – Kanebo
  • High Tech Lighter Milkyway – MUS

Daybreak Aeval in the inner corner of my lid and approx. halfway over my lid. Zeljana on the outer part of my lid and The Gargoyle Trees in the crease and a little under my eye in the outer corner. The Gray Eyeliner per from Face under my eye and on the waterline. Also Smokey Eyeliner under my eye and as a eye liner on my lid. Shinkirou as highlighter as usual.

I also has en unfortunate encounter with our staircase, (2nd time this week!) just after I was done with the make-up, about where the steps actually is supposed to be. I argue they should be where I put my foot down, but the staircase didn’t agree. Which ended up in me tumbling down the bottom half of our staircase and bruising myself pretty nicely. Involuntary tears fell and I had to work hard to salvage the make up without having to remove it and redo it (no time for that!). I did get some ideas of the patterns that the tears did to my make up tho! And I’ll show you just because I really like the way you really see where the tears fell. Maybe I should use this as an inspiration for a later make-up project.

EOTD. St. Zeljana Hero Aeval.

Monday, April 6th, 2009

More turquoise!

eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-2 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-3

Just other pigments. Twilight Aeval, St. Alia-of-the-Knife and Zeljana from Archetype. Be My Hero from MAD and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. St. Alia-of-the-Knife in the inner corner of my eye, Twilight Aeval in the middle and Zeljana on the outer corner of my eye. Be My Hero above all of them, and then Shinkirou as highlighter. Smokey Eyeliner as normally. I really don’t know what I would do without Smokey and Shinkirou!



I noticed non of the pictures really show the difference between all the shades, but it is there. Should do a swatch sometimes of all of them to show you!

eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-5 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-6 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-7

EOTD 28.03.09 Gargoyle Daybreak Nijiro.

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Todays EOTD! Went home last night from the lan, prefer to sleep in my own bed and the cats need some attention too. I’m sorry I never posted the earlier pictures, lost of things got in the way, and today when I was going through the pictures I wasn’t very happy with them. So I decided I wont post them. But you get todays EOTD instead.

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-3 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-2

Daybreak Aeval and The Gargoyle Trees from Archetype and Nijiro from Fyrinnae. Daybreak Aeval is a really nice petrol colour. I have it on the inside of my lid and almost all the way out to the outer corner. The Gargoyle Trees is a nice dark gray colour. Nijiro is my second best highlighter. Smokey Eyeliner like usual.



It’s a nice colour! Haen’t had a proper teal make in ages, and I forgot how much I like this colour!

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-4 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-5 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-6