EOTD – Neutral

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Well, we are finally moving the last things over to the house from the old apartment. I’m getting my couch back! *squeal* Haven’t been able to just sit down anywhere and relax since October when we moved. Finally will be able to watch movies with friends and just play our PS3 games!

I was not in any mood to really do anything fancy today, my back got torn yesterday while we were packing the last things and that makes me quite useless today when we are moving. But still wanted to look fresh and just neutral. So I went with eyeliner and mascara. Was a long time ago I did just that.

Products I used:

  • My normal base*
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EMD
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Mascara Sensitive Eyes – Lumene
  • Brow Pen Taupe – MUS

Just the base all over my face (including on eyelid) and then Smokey Eyeliner mixed with water as a liner on my lid. This is one of the few shadows I have that mixes really well with water. It’s great! Been thinking of getting Mixing Liquid from MUS but just haven’t needed it as long as I only use Smokey as eyeliner.

*My normal base consist of:

  • Sports Foundation leche – MUS
  • Wonder Powder sinai – MUS
  • Loose Powder pale – MUS
  • Concealer Cover All Mix – MUS
  • Blush Complex – MUS