Crazy shopping-spree!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Well, I went by Make Up Store today to do some light after x-mas shopping. Well, that isn’t really what happened. I came home with 11 products/things, tho I only paid for 8, 3 were various gifts and things.

First of all I’ve needed a foundation for a long time. I just don’t know how to use one properly. I never really felt like I needed one either but I want to learn. So I got a Sport Foundation called leche. It’s foundation almost shaped like a pen where there is a built in brush. It doesn’t cover as much as MUS other liquid foundations but this is probably just what I need.

I also got a Loose Powder called pale. This will be great to get that foundation to last all day! To that I got a little white powder puff.

I also bought my first ever Blush! I chose a pink/orange kind of blush with sparkle in it called complex. To that I also bought a brush.

I’ve been wanting this lipstick for so long, and now I finally bought it, dust lipstick. (Couldn’t  find any pictures so I’ll snap one myself one day).

I also bought diamond Strazz which are these beautiful little swarovski stones. They look yellow on the picture but they are not at all, just diamond “coloured”. Also some glue to the stones and for fake lashes when I finally go and get some!

That is the “bought” items I got. Then I also received 3 gifts. 1 is a pretty little blue glittery eyeliner, 2nd the beautiful little Babydoll collection glitter puff that is basically a puff that gives you glitter where ever you use it. And the 3rd gift! A pair of black shoes! Heels! They are adorable, just need to have some daylight so I can take some pictures. I will, if not tomorrow, try and snap a picture of them on Thursday when I’m at home during the day. I hope they fit!