EOTD – Starry Copper Queen on the Phone

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

This was actually yesterdays EOTD, but I had almost no time and Lightroom was acting up the little time I had. Copper and gold!

Products I used:

  • Eye Shadow Queen of the Nile – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Starry Eyed – EDM
  • Eye Shadow Drama Queen Copper – Armoaleigh
  • Eye Shadow On the Phone – EDM
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Eye Shadow In the Garden – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stocholm
  • Mascara blueberry Volume – Lumene

Queen of the Nile in the inner corner of my eye, both on my lid and under the eye, Starry Eyed in the middle of my lid, and then Drama Queen Copper in the outer corner and all the way in my crease, also under my eye. On the Phone as a highlighter.

EOTD. Shinkirou Kabuki Heart Genie Bunnies

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Today I played with a lot of eye-shadows. Most of them I haven’t used before.

eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-4 eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-3

It’s Heart of Gold from MAD in the corner of my eye, and from there and out it’s Genie Lamp, Lust Bunnies and Kabuki, all of them from Fyrinnae. I use Shinkirou as a highlighter, also from Fyrinnae. I use Smokey Eyeliner from EDM as the liner on my upper eye line. On my in line I use an Eyeliner Pen from FACE Stockholm. The Mascara is Lumene Blueberry Curl.




I’m not sure what to think about the mascara. I do like the actual mascara. But not sure about the rubber brush. I managed to poke myself in the eye, and I almost ruined my make-up when my eyes watered up. I might try the mascara with my old brush from the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara just to see the difference.

Today I played around with hue, saturation, brightnes and contrast. So the pictures looks differendt compared to my old ones.

I’m actually really pleased with the outcome of this days EOTD. I don’t usually get along with any red colours, but today it was never a problem!