Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Before I add my foundation and powder I always first work my skin with some concealer. My current concealer is Cover All Mix from MUS.

It’s great at covering everything form blemishes to remove those bags under your eyes. The only real problem with this is that it is a bit too hard in its consistency for my taste, which makes it hard to blend together and on my skin properly.

I found this other product that is very similar to Cover All Mix, works the same way but it seams a lot creamer in its consistency and it also has a highlighter shade as well. It’s called Camo Quad and is from Coastal Scents. What so great about it is that it comes in different shades, so it will be easier to match with different skin complexions.

Me, with my super fair complexion, I’m leaning towards the fairest of the Camo Quads, called Light. I think it can blend into my skin a little better then Cover All Mix does. And that is creamy is a big plus from me! The best part about it as well, is the price! Only $7.95! I think this might slip into my order when I look for the pressing materials I need.