1 week old Somali kittens.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Yesterday the litter turned 1 week. They almost doubled in size but still look a lot like they did at birth, just bigger.


Aeval – The one who gaigned most weight. She is now 2nd biggest in the litter even tho she was born the smallest!

Amaethon – Biggest in the litter! He is also the first one who has opened both eyes today. But it wont show on the picture.

Ai – Smallest in the litter. But after we saw a vet because of problems with one of Sarias udders that Ai decided was his own, he has gaigned a lot of weight and is catching up to the others.

They are growing well and we are just waiiting for them all to open their eyes so we can see some more action in the living box!