EOTD – Black Wizard

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Blue and more blue!

Products I used

  • Eye Shadow Black Eyeliner – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Arcane Magic: Wizard’s Apprentice – EMD
  • Eye Shadow In the Garden – EMD
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EMD
  • High Tech Lighter Milkyway – MUS
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm

Black Eyeliner all over my eyelid and under it, over that I have Arcane Magic: Wizard’s Apprentice. The picture is actually a lot better then it looked in reel life.

EOTD – Tim Burton’s Emily

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Purity is having a Tim Burton make-up theme and one of the make-ups she did was Tim Burton’s Emily from A Corpse Bride.

It’s a really interesting theme, And Purity is really good at what she does (I mean, look at this Batman she did!)

I thought that I could join in when I felt inspired enough. And I thought I could try a little Corpse Bride inspired make-up.

Products I used:

  • Eye Shadow Cheshire Cat Grin – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Wildcats: Bay Cat – Meow
  • Eye Shadow Drama Queen blue – Aromaleigh
  • Eye Shadow Glass Coffin – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm

This was my second attempt. My first one failed miserably when I managed to screw up the false lashes I was using so bad I had to throw them away. So no false lashes on this second attempt.

Cheshire Cat Grin all over my lid and under my eye, Bay Cat all over that to lighten it up. Drama Queen Blue in my crease to get a little more rounded and deep look. Glass Coffin as highlighter. I don’t really like my eyebrows at all, but at least it turned out “ok”. Purity’s tho was gorgeous. When I saw it I asked a college “Why don’t people make-up like that normally?”.

EOTD – Sly Curiouser Lethe

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I haven’t had inspiration for a few days, been on a blue ride so to speak, so today that is exactly what I went for! Blue!

Products I used:

  • Eye Shadow Curiouser and Curiouser – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Lethe – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Sly – Archetype
  • Eye Shadow Shinkirou – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Eye Shadow In the Garden – EDM
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm

Curiouser in the inner corner of my lid, Lethe all over the rest of my lid and Sly in my crease and under my eye.

EOTD – Cat Grin Curiouser Nijiro

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Blue day! I love blue, well. in make-up at least. Not like my partner who wants to paint the bedroom walls baby-blue.

Products I used for this:

  • Eye Shadow Curiouser and Curiouser! – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Cheshire Cat Grin – Fyrinnae
  • Eye Shadow Nijiro – Fyrnnae
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM (Eep! It’s running low!)
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene

Curiouser and Curouser! all over my lid and then Cheshire Cat Grin over that and below my eye. Nijiro as highlighter and Smokey Eyeliner as eyeliner on my lid. I love how this shines in the winter snowiness that is Stockholm right now!

EOTD – Biker Chic

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

So, I don’t know why but I somehow got it in my head that I need to do a Biker Chic make today! I couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday. So here goes!

Products I used:

  • Eyeshadow Biker Chic – Fyrinnae
  • Eyeshadow Shinkirou – Fyrinnae
  • Eyeshadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Eyeshadow In The Garden – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene

It’s a shame the camera wont catch the glitter as well as I would want. But it’s gorgeous! Blue sparkle all over. I even had to improvise when I couldn’t find my normal pen I use for my eyebrows in the mess I have here. So I used In The Garden to fill my eyebrows with. And it works!

I also finally got my thumb out of my ass and made a new order at EDM for a Smokey Eyeliner since the one I have was a sample and is now running out (tho I had it for over a year so it’s a damn big sample!) I also ordered one of the free packages they have. And of course their site wont load so I can’t link it. I’ll add that later.

EOTD – Sly Dragon Shinkirou

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Well, New Years EOTD. I fought with my Nikon D40 all morning but it refused to take one single decent picture. Then I had to run and when I came home I managed to find my other camera that is a lot easier to take Eye photos with, tho not as good. And  of course there was no daylight left, so now you have to live with a pretty bad photo takes under a “bright” lamp.

Products I used:

  • Sly – Archetype
  • Dragon Tears – Fyrinnae
  • Reflects Duo Purple Glitter – MAC
  • Shinkirou – Fyrinnae
  • Sensitive Mascara – Lumene
  • False lashes number 116 – Ardell
  • Eyeliner Smokey – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm

I also added 2 swarovski pearls but that was after I took the pictures.

I really love the lashes! And the glitter from MAC! It is really sparkly and just looks great. And please ignore the red eyes, that is how my eyes always look when I have make-up on.

2 week old Somali kittens

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Today the litter turned 2 weeks! So we celebrated with a litte photo-shoot!





They are growing and starting to be more and more active. Aeval is the most active one, crawling around on all fours, tho very unstable, and exploring the little box they live in.

Some eyes-open photoes!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

12 days old. Eyes-open!



Amaethon – his profile is a bit straighter then his brothers I think.


They are growing faster then I would want, soon they will be moving out! (well, not that soon ;) )

Kitten invasion!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

So, no updates in a while huh? Well, here is an update for you!

Yesterday around 16:00 Saria gave birth to 4 lively kittens. I will present them to you, and also try to keep updating the blog so you can follow their first 12-14 weeks of life here.

First out was Arawn. He was giving his mother a hard time at first, but finally came out and was well taken care of by mummy. For my own part didn’t have to do much else but sit there and take some photos and keep Saria company.

Arawn, a few hours old. Fawn Somali boy.

After that came Aeval, smallest of the litter, blue Somali girl.

Third out was Amaethon. He decided he wanted to come out behind first, and was having a wee bit of problems coming out since Aeval‘s placenta was stuck behind him. Fawn Somali boy. He was also born as the biggest in the litter of 4, 113 grams!

Last we got a little surprise. I was almost starting to believe she was done, then poof, there was a 4th getting cleaned by mother cat. Ai, fawn Somali boy. (might be a girl, Ain in that case)

All the names are taken from the various Celtic Mythologies around the world. Arawn was the Welsh god of the underworld, Aeval was the Fairy Queen of Munster among the Celts of Ireland. Amaethon a Welsh god of agriculture and Ai a Irish Poet God.

I’ll also share some pictures of the whole litter, some kittens and their mother.

I’ll try and update the blog continuously so you can see them growing and finally finding home for themselves.

EOTD. Diamond Speed Shinkirou.

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I wanted something blue! And since I am off today I could do a bright blue make!

eotd-150309-diamond-speed-shinkirou-5 eotd-150309-diamond-speed-shinkirou-6 eotd-150309-diamond-speed-shinkirou-7

It’s Speed and Diamond Sapphire from MAD, and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. Speed over 2/3 of the eyelid and under. Diamond Sapphire on the outer part of my lid also under. Shinkirou as highlighter. I decided not to go with an eyeliner on my lid today, so it’s only the eyeliner pen from FACE Stockholm on the inside and Blueberry Curl Mascara from Lumene on my lashes.



I’m pretty satisfied with this make! It’s a bit sensational for a normal work make-up. I’d think I’d get a few heads turning after me if I wore this out in broad daylight. But when have I ever cared about that. Click the images below to get a closer look.

eotd-150309-diamond-speed-shinkirou-3 eotd-150309-diamond-speed-shinkirou-41