The litter

December 26th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Maybe you are all wondering what actually happened to the kittens? Well let me tell you!

Arawn lives with a very loving girl here in Stockholm making her life a lot more.. Interesting. He hasn’t changed names yet but we will see if she find something more fitting for him! He will be kept as a stud for S*Anshara somali and might become a dad in a few years.

Here he is, around 14 weeks old out on our balcony.

Aeval buried herself deep in my heart and she got to stay here with us. She will hopefully, if my dear partner can be convinced, have a litter of her own someday. (He complained he could not sleep with kittens everywhere.)

Amaethon stole the heart of a couple from Åland, and now lives in Mariehamn with another somali boy called Ozzy. They are making the life of Ritva and Ralf almost too much to bear. Amaethon has a new name, and is now called Diesel. He is very talkative and purrs like a little tractor.

Ai also still lives in Stockholm, he is now a big city cat and lived in the middle of central Stockholm together with another somali-girl called Pixie, and 2 dogs called Suzi and Laika. He is being incredibly spoiled and really loves to play with Pixie and Suzi. He also got a new name and is now called Francis.

I want to thank all my buyers and it all feels really good. They really found the perfect home for themselves!

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