Cruising with a cat!

April 23rd, 2009 | by Lethania |

Hmm still not makeups to post. I have pictures of one tho! But haven’t had time to upload them or edit them at all. Tonight I’m leaving for Helsinki, me and Micke were supposed to go on a mini weekend, 2 nights in a hotel and nice restaurants and just a nice time. But then life intervened. We spent 2 hours at the emergency room last Monday with out 4 year old cat because of an eye injury. Luckily she had no problems with the eye itself, just an infection and now has to get antibiotic-eyedrops 3 times a day for 7-10 days. So that means we can’t leave her alone. Micke will stay at home, but I’m still going since we are going to drop Saria off at a gorgeous fawn Somali stud and hopefully there will be kittens sometimes in June/July!

I have never been on the ferries with a cat before, and i have no idea how she will react. There won’t be that much wind, so that is good. But my biggest fear is her managing to get out of the cabin when I open the door and then have to chase her all around the ship! They are not small I tell you. Build to take around 2500 passengers it will be hard finding 1 small cat if she wants to hide.

My sister turns 18 on Saturday. I don’t know what to get her! I hate presents, it’s always so hard and that is why I don’t buy anyone anything, except Micke for Christmas and his birthday.  But since I am going on a cruise with tax-free I can try and get her something girly on the ship I guess.

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