Busy busy busy!

April 20th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Sorry I’ve been lagging behind in posts lately! Been pretty busy all weekend. I am working on my web-page a lot, and it’s really fun! I am getting a hang of it so I’m not bothering Micke every 5 seconds to check something for me when I can’t figure it out.

We are going on a trip this weekend to Helsinki. A little mini weekend, and taking Saria with us to drop of to meet a beautiful stud. The problem is all the details aren’t set yet, and I’m the biggest control-freak, so I’m freaking out a little because I can’t plan everything as I want too. But it will probably work out fine!

I’ll try and keep you updated and maybe do a little makeup tomorrow morning. Just don’t know how I will take pictures of it with the new camera. But that will work out somehow!

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