EOTD. Illegal Plastic Insanity.

April 12th, 2009 | by Lethania |

I was gonna post this yesterday! But I just got home too late so I fell just went to bed instead. The name for this EOTD is pretty funny, and kind of fitting I think!

eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-9 eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-8 eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-7

Illegal from MAD, and Plastic Pink and Pink Insanity from Archetype.  I am still waiting for Cranberry Sauce from Archetype, but Illegal is very similar, so I just use that instead! It is one of my favourites but I don’t get to use it that often. Illegal all over my eye lid and under it. Then I used Plastic Pink all over Illegal, it gives it this night shimmer and a little lighter pink shade. Pink Insanity as highlighter and  Smokey Eyeliner from EDM as a wet eyeliner. I’m getting better at applying the eyeliner! I think I know now how to make it not so blotchy and fat. Practise makes perfect!



I love this make, I fell in love Lina’s valentines makeup. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. And in my opinion Pink is also a Easter colour (since I already did the green/yellow one!!)  So I went with pink. In lack of Cranberry Sauce, Illegal did a pretty good job!

eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-6 eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-5 eotd-110409-illegal-plastic-insanity-4


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