EOTD. Lots of Sunshine Shinkirou.

April 9th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Todays EOTD. Easter is here! So I went with a Bright yellow/green make. Similar to a Daffodil.

eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro-3 eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro-2 eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro

Sunshine and Lots of Love from MAD, Nijiro from Fyrinnae. Sunshine in the inner corner and also just over my eyelid, by my brow bone and under the eye, Lots of Love on the middle and outer corner of my lid. Nijiro as a highlighter. I wasn’t very pleased with the made at first. But arter working with the pictures I liked it more and more. Since I’m going to my mother in-law today to dinner, I wanted to be a little “eastery”. Tomorrow I’m going to my mother for dinner and there are more of my family there. I feel like being pink! So I am 90% sure Plastic Pink will be in tomorrows make-up.




Lots of Love really grows on me! It lights up my day since the weather here is all gloomy.

eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro-4 eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro-5 eotd-090409-lots-of-sunshine-nijiro-6

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