EOTD. Snow Integra Angel.

April 4th, 2009 | by Lethania |

On a train to Gothenburg. Gonna go pick up Saria! Luckily I borrowed my boyfriends mobile broadband so I can surf on the train! I was a bit worried it would have bad reception, but it’s working pretty well!

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-4 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-5 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-6

Red day! I am subbornly trying to practise my red makeup skills. Integra Dog I and II from Archetype. Also Snow Angel from MAD. Integra Dog I in the corner of the eye. Integra Dog II over the rest of the eye and under. Snow Angel as highlighter. I am pretty happy with i




The pictures don’t really show the difference between Integra Dog I and II, but there is a difference.

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-2 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-3


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