EOTD. Northern Dark Candle.

April 1st, 2009 | by Lethania |

It seems I kept on going on the dark theme.

eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-5 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-6 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-7

Archetype day! Corpse Candle, Dark Ouija and Northern Lights. Corpse Candle on most of my lid. And then Dark Ouija in the outer corner of my lid. The shades looks a bit different in the bags then they do on the actual lid. They are lot darker in the bags but lots of colours on my lid! Northern Lights as highlighter but I don’t really like it. I don’t want highlighters to show as much as it does.


IRL Dark Ouija shows a lot more, I couldn’t really catch it on a picture!

eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-2 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-3 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-4

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