March 31st, 2009 | by Lethania |

I found it! The cable for my camera. So pictures coming tonight of my EOTD yesterday. Also I’ll try and snap some photos of my tattoo at some point.

I am also pleased that I finally managed to fix my phone. Ever since Christmas I haven’t been able to send any text messages. Not really that bad since I hardly bother to reply to the ones I get anyway, so this way I had a reason not to. But a guy at the lan party this weekend had the same problem as me, and told me how to fix it. So now I did! It’s kind of nice to able to text someone if I want too.

Also my birthday is creeping closer. My boyfriend is already asking me what I want. I have no idea what I want! I mean, everything I want I can already buy if I can afford it (and i usually buy it at once), and if I can’t afford it’s way too expensive to ask for from someone else. So I have no idea what to ask for.  I hate birthdays that way! But considering having a birthday dinner at my place for some friends since we finally have a kitchen and I can actually cook and hopefully the whole flat wont be a total mess.

So my question is, what do you guys want for your birthday? Maybe I’ll get some ideas.

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  1. By Jonna on Apr 5, 2009

    I want 1000 swedish kronors from my sister.

  2. By Lethania on Apr 5, 2009

    Right. Well dream on sis :)

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