EOTD 28.03.09 Gargoyle Daybreak Nijiro.

March 28th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Todays EOTD! Went home last night from the lan, prefer to sleep in my own bed and the cats need some attention too. I’m sorry I never posted the earlier pictures, lost of things got in the way, and today when I was going through the pictures I wasn’t very happy with them. So I decided I wont post them. But you get todays EOTD instead.

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-3 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-2

Daybreak Aeval and The Gargoyle Trees from Archetype and Nijiro from Fyrinnae. Daybreak Aeval is a really nice petrol colour. I have it on the inside of my lid and almost all the way out to the outer corner. The Gargoyle Trees is a nice dark gray colour. Nijiro is my second best highlighter. Smokey Eyeliner like usual.



It’s a nice colour! Haen’t had a proper teal make in ages, and I forgot how much I like this colour!

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-4 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-5 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-6


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