EOTD. Conjunction Dentata Shinkirou.

March 20th, 2009 | by Lethania |

I was going to let my eyes rest today, but I woke up pretty early, and didn’t start work til 11:30 so I had all this time on my hand! So why waste it?

eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-9 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-8 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-7

Conjunction and Vagina Dentata from Archetype, and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. Conjunction in the corner of my eye and also underneath. Vagina Dentata in the outer corner of my eye and below. Shinkriou As highlighter as usual. It’s fantastic that I am not even close to running out of this wonderful highlighter shade! I only bought a sample, and still have lots of it left. When I start running out I’ll buy a full jar and will probably never need to buy a new ones again! Smokey Eyeliner from EMD. I’ve been thinking of buying the DIP liner from HM. But I really don’t think I need one, Smokey is a really nice eyeliner, and if I need something blacker, then Black Eyeliner from EMD also works.




I like it! Conjunction always works, and I like Vagina Dentata (and the name rocks!). Purple and green is probably my most favourite colours when it comes to eye make-up.

eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-3 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-2 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou


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