EOTD. Sultry Doubt Shinkirou.

March 14th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Since I’m off today, and my boyfriend is not at home to help me rebuild my blog (he is the programmer in this relationship) I decided to take some more pictures of other eye-shadows.

eotd-140309-sultry-doubt-shinkirou-2 eotd-140309-sultry-doubt-shinkirou-3

No Doubt all over my lid, and below my eye aswell. Sultry Cafe to darken the shade inbetween my browbone and lid, and then Shinkirou as highlighter. No Doubt and Sultry Cafe from MAD. Shinkirou from Fyrinnae.




I am getting the hang of red shades now. Still not sure if I actually fit in them, but I’ll keep working on it.


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