EOTD. Shinkirou Kabuki Heart Genie Bunnies

March 13th, 2009 | by Lethania |

Today I played with a lot of eye-shadows. Most of them I haven’t used before.

eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-4 eotd-130309-shinkirou-kabuki-heart-genie-bunnies-3

It’s Heart of Gold from MAD in the corner of my eye, and from there and out it’s Genie Lamp, Lust Bunnies and Kabuki, all of them from Fyrinnae. I use Shinkirou as a highlighter, also from Fyrinnae. I use Smokey Eyeliner from EDM as the liner on my upper eye line. On my in line I use an Eyeliner Pen from FACE Stockholm. The Mascara is Lumene Blueberry Curl.




I’m not sure what to think about the mascara. I do like the actual mascara. But not sure about the rubber brush. I managed to poke myself in the eye, and I almost ruined my make-up when my eyes watered up. I might try the mascara with my old brush from the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara just to see the difference.

Today I played around with hue, saturation, brightnes and contrast. So the pictures looks differendt compared to my old ones.

I’m actually really pleased with the outcome of this days EOTD. I don’t usually get along with any red colours, but today it was never a problem!

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