Going light

June 21st, 2010 | by Lethania |

I have been doing this project for a while that I realised I haven’t updated you of. I started an experiment with my hair one day because I got bored.

I wanted to go from black, to blonde hair. Which I know will take a while. So let me show you how the process has been going and what the result is at this moment.

I started at home, since it takes so long and not many hairdressers seem to like to dye black hair to blonde.

I used Schwarzkopf Blonde, the strongest one.

The first day I used 1 package per dye (dyed it twice) but realised it was too little for my hair so I used 2 packages the next time.

This it the result after the first round was:

And after the second time:

The roots

The ends

It’s kinda funny how you can see the difference in the hair I dyed black many times and the hair I only dyed a few times. The roots got really light while the ends just wouldn’t release the dye. But it might have been because I didn’t have enough dye in it as well.

And after the third time when I used enough dye I got a bigger result. (Pictures also taken after washing my hair with Silver shampoo)

Here you really can see the darker and lighter parts.

And after a visit to the hairdresser it’s even lighter.

Now I can’t decide if I want it really cool-blond (like silvery) or warm-blond (honey ish). I don’t know what would look best with my skin type, decisions decisions. *shrug*

Well, that is my update for you!

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