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February 16th, 2010 | by Lethania |

Primers is a tricky thing. When I started out just a few years ago playing with make up I knew nothing about primers. To get my make-up to really show the pretty colours I started using Vaseline. It really gives the shadows a wet look but is a bitch to blend and doesn’t forgive errors very easily.

Next I got a lot of tips from different people around the Internet, mostly on forums, about different primers. Since almost all my shadows were mineral eye shadows I turned to one of the vendors that also sold other mineral make up products and got myself a Shadow Base from Mad. I really liked this primer.

But it wasn’t perfect, so I kept looking and the next primer I got was from Fyrinnae. They just got in a Velvet Gel Silica Primer and it got a lot of good words from around the Internet. So I bought one, and when it came home I tried to use it. And I just hated it. I want a primer that is sticky, this was one was sticky but dried very fast so I didn’t have time to put all my make up on before it was too dry for me. I never really used it much after that so I can’t tell you if it keeps the colour well enough or so, but not at all to my liking.

So now what? I could always go back to my Shadow Base from Mad (which I did temporarily) but I still wanted to get that one primer that I would love.

I decided to try something more expensive. So I went to MAC and got recommended to buy a Paint Peintures so I got one of them and

tried it when I got home. It was horrible. Creased itself and just didn’t last very long at all. And it wasn’t sticky enough for me.

I gave up for a while, believing that perfect primer just didn’t exist. Then I found Lindas make up blog. This really talented hair and make-up artist that works for MUS. She used the High Tech Lighters from MUS as primers so I decided to take a closer look at them. There are many colours! Mostly pink/orangeish. Since MUS had a baby doll collection and I fell in love the pink and purple make ups I got a light pink High Tech Lighter called Milkyway. I loved it. From the first time I used it I just loved it! It is exactly the way I want it. Sticky, lasts all day and doesn’t crease! It’s just great, I really recommend this to anyone having problems finding a great eye primer.


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