Out of foundation!?

January 13th, 2010 | by Lethania |

God dammit! This morning I used up the last of my MUS Sports Foundation. I bought it pretty recently, after Christmas, and it has already run out! I don’t use is every day and I don’t use so much it should already be out. Now I can’t decide what to do. I really loved it, but it is damn expensive to buy a new foundation every 3 weeks for about 32€ (335 SEK). But I haven’t found any other foundation I like this much and fits my dead pale Scandinavian skin as well as this, because I don’t want a thick foundation that covers a lot. My skin is pretty even and I just want to add that extra touch to make it look nice, which Sports Foundation really does.

So sad faced Emmi now doesn’t know what to do. Buy another one. Try something else or not bother for a while?

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