EOTD – Biker Chic

January 6th, 2010 | by Lethania |

So, I don’t know why but I somehow got it in my head that I need to do a Biker Chic make today! I couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday. So here goes!

Products I used:

  • Eyeshadow Biker Chic – Fyrinnae
  • Eyeshadow Shinkirou – Fyrinnae
  • Eyeshadow Smokey Eyeliner – EDM
  • Eyeshadow In The Garden – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Mascara Blueberry Volume – Lumene

It’s a shame the camera wont catch the glitter as well as I would want. But it’s gorgeous! Blue sparkle all over. I even had to improvise when I couldn’t find my normal pen I use for my eyebrows in the mess I have here. So I used In The Garden to fill my eyebrows with. And it works!

I also finally got my thumb out of my ass and made a new order at EDM for a Smokey Eyeliner since the one I have was a sample and is now running out (tho I had it for over a year so it’s a damn big sample!) I also ordered one of the free packages they have. And of course their site wont load so I can’t link it. I’ll add that later.


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  1. By Michelle B on Jan 6, 2010

    Love this. Biker Chic is one of my favorite Fyrinnae shades. Gorgeous!

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