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EOTD – Sly Dragon Shinkirou

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Well, New Years EOTD. I fought with my Nikon D40 all morning but it refused to take one single decent picture. Then I had to run and when I came home I managed to find my other camera that is a lot easier to take Eye photos with, tho not as good. And  of course there was no daylight left, so now you have to live with a pretty bad photo takes under a “bright” lamp.

Products I used:

  • Sly – Archetype
  • Dragon Tears – Fyrinnae
  • Reflects Duo Purple Glitter – MAC
  • Shinkirou – Fyrinnae
  • Sensitive Mascara – Lumene
  • False lashes number 116 – Ardell
  • Eyeliner Smokey – EDM
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm

I also added 2 swarovski pearls but that was after I took the pictures.

I really love the lashes! And the glitter from MAC! It is really sparkly and just looks great. And please ignore the red eyes, that is how my eyes always look when I have make-up on.

Shoes from MUS

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

These are the pair of shoes from MUS. They are really cute but unfortunately they didn’t fit so I’ll probably sell them.

Silvery new-years make-up

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

I am feeling pretty bad today, probably from almost freezing to death all day yesterday at work. But I made the best of it, and put on a full make-up! Tried almost all my new products and also took some pictures for you!

Products I used:

Primer for the eye-shadows is High Tech Lighter Milkyway from MUS. Eye-shadows Harlot Star, Lacuna from Archetype and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. The mascara is Lumene Sensitive Eyes. Inside my eyes I use a gray eye-liner from FACE Stockholm and on top of my eyes it’s the eye-shadow Black from Everyday Minerals as eye-liner.

On my lips I’m using the lipstick dust from MUS.

As a base, which will be the same everyday, all products from MUS.

  • Cover All Mix
  • Sports Foundation – leche
  • Loose Powder – pale
  • Mineral Loose foundation – sinai
  • Blush – complex

Add an Image

And a little picture of my hair, I used Foxy Curls from Tigi and topped off with Rock Hard from disp. I also used my straightener to actually do the curls.

The hairspray is fantastic! Can’t say anything about the long term effect. But damn the effect now is amazing!

Crazy shopping-spree!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Well, I went by Make Up Store today to do some light after x-mas shopping. Well, that isn’t really what happened. I came home with 11 products/things, tho I only paid for 8, 3 were various gifts and things.

First of all I’ve needed a foundation for a long time. I just don’t know how to use one properly. I never really felt like I needed one either but I want to learn. So I got a Sport Foundation called leche. It’s foundation almost shaped like a pen where there is a built in brush. It doesn’t cover as much as MUS other liquid foundations but this is probably just what I need.

I also got a Loose Powder called pale. This will be great to get that foundation to last all day! To that I got a little white powder puff.

I also bought my first ever Blush! I chose a pink/orange kind of blush with sparkle in it called complex. To that I also bought a brush.

I’ve been wanting this lipstick for so long, and now I finally bought it, dust lipstick. (Couldn’t  find any pictures so I’ll snap one myself one day).

I also bought diamond Strazz which are these beautiful little swarovski stones. They look yellow on the picture but they are not at all, just diamond “coloured”. Also some glue to the stones and for fake lashes when I finally go and get some!

That is the “bought” items I got. Then I also received 3 gifts. 1 is a pretty little blue glittery eyeliner, 2nd the beautiful little Babydoll collection glitter puff that is basically a puff that gives you glitter where ever you use it. And the 3rd gift! A pair of black shoes! Heels! They are adorable, just need to have some daylight so I can take some pictures. I will, if not tomorrow, try and snap a picture of them on Thursday when I’m at home during the day. I hope they fit!

Hair products

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Well, since it was just christmas I decided to get myself some things for my hair. The images are click-able and takes you to a site in Sweden where you can buy these products.

Something I’ve been lacking is a product that can protect my hair from heat while styling. So I ordered a Redken Spray Starch Heat Memory Spray (15).

I also just ran out hairspray, so I ordered a new one I read a lot of good reviews about. Disp Core Hard Rock.

And I also just fell for this bottle, and I need something to help me define my curls the few times I can be bothered with it. My hair is usually super straight and not a lot can keep it curly even if I really try too. Now we will see how well Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls will do.

I promise to give you reviews of the products after I have had time to use them for a while.

My own little slice of heaven

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Well, what you probably don’t know is that we bought a house, and we moved in around the beginning of October! 4 rooms + a kitchen + 2 bathrooms and a washroom. It’s 104 m2 divided on 2 floors. We love it! Lots of room for us, our hobbies and for the cats to run around!

What I’ve always wanted, was a little corner for just me. Where I could have my own little makeup-studio kind of table. A big mirror on the wall, a little cute makeup-desk and just makeup everywhere!

Well guess what! I’m getting just that! My loving partner spent the better part of a whole day today at IKEA in Stockholm and got me almost everything I need for that little slice of heaven!  (There was some malfunction so he didn’t get my whole list and missed the little stool I wanted. But we will just have to go back! Gah!)

I promise when we have it all done I will post pictures of how it looks, but for now you will only get the actually pieces and you can try and imagine the rest til we have it up and running. Not actually sure of where we are gonna place this slice of mine, but we will figure it out.

This is the table I got today (a hell to put it together!) it’s so much bigger then it looks. I was surprised when I got it!


The stool we will have to get another day.


The mirror I will be adoring myself in!


And then a little side mirror for making sure my hair is perfect all around!


As lighting I chose to go with 2 of these lamps


I will have them vertical one on each side of the black big mirror!

This is a little bit of how my corner will look! I will try and get some nice big mugs to have all my brushes in, and I already got a pretty decent storage for all my damn eyeshadows that are up to over 200 now. (Will need to update that list sometime I guess).

The litter

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Maybe you are all wondering what actually happened to the kittens? Well let me tell you!

Arawn lives with a very loving girl here in Stockholm making her life a lot more.. Interesting. He hasn’t changed names yet but we will see if she find something more fitting for him! He will be kept as a stud for S*Anshara somali and might become a dad in a few years.

Here he is, around 14 weeks old out on our balcony.

Aeval buried herself deep in my heart and she got to stay here with us. She will hopefully, if my dear partner can be convinced, have a litter of her own someday. (He complained he could not sleep with kittens everywhere.)

Amaethon stole the heart of a couple from Åland, and now lives in Mariehamn with another somali boy called Ozzy. They are making the life of Ritva and Ralf almost too much to bear. Amaethon has a new name, and is now called Diesel. He is very talkative and purrs like a little tractor.

Ai also still lives in Stockholm, he is now a big city cat and lived in the middle of central Stockholm together with another somali-girl called Pixie, and 2 dogs called Suzi and Laika. He is being incredibly spoiled and really loves to play with Pixie and Suzi. He also got a new name and is now called Francis.

I want to thank all my buyers and it all feels really good. They really found the perfect home for themselves!

Back in action?

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

So, I haven’t really blogged since… 13th of September? Well that was a while ago. I am at the moment working on updating the old kitten pictures. And will write some updating post soon and see if I can get the blog back up and running! Just hope i have the energy/time for it.