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Make-up and a cat.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Since there is a distinguished lack of make-up pictures in the blog lately, I’ll give you 2 links too 2 new blogs I found and I love them both! They both entered Sminkans “tutorial competition” and I love both of their tutorials! I can’t decide which one and I love best, and the colours! Wow! First is Purity, and then micromiss. I’ll be adding them both as links down to the right (along with sminkan) and then follow them whenever I have time!

Both my cameras are now out of battery, for one of them I can’t find the battery charger anywhere! I’ve been looking and looking and I’ll keep looking til I find it! To my Nikon D40 I forgot the charger in Finland this last weekend. So now I’m just waiting for them to send it to me so I can keep taking pictures! So hang in there, more pictures are coming! I didn’t stop using make-up, just can’t take any good pictures of it any more!

But instead I’ll show you some pretty pictures I took of my cat Saria! Some of the are taken in Finland, out on my cousins very sunny yard and some are from out living-room.

The next picture is my favourite one! I’d like it printed and put up somewhere I think!

That is all for now! I promise I’ll do my best to find that damn  charger!