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EOTD. St. Zeljana Hero Aeval.

Monday, April 6th, 2009

More turquoise!

eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-2 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-3

Just other pigments. Twilight Aeval, St. Alia-of-the-Knife and Zeljana from Archetype. Be My Hero from MAD and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. St. Alia-of-the-Knife in the inner corner of my eye, Twilight Aeval in the middle and Zeljana on the outer corner of my eye. Be My Hero above all of them, and then Shinkirou as highlighter. Smokey Eyeliner as normally. I really don’t know what I would do without Smokey and Shinkirou!



I noticed non of the pictures really show the difference between all the shades, but it is there. Should do a swatch sometimes of all of them to show you!

eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-5 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-6 eotd-060409-st-zeljana-hero-aeval-7

EOTD. Snow Integra Angel.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

On a train to Gothenburg. Gonna go pick up Saria! Luckily I borrowed my boyfriends mobile broadband so I can surf on the train! I was a bit worried it would have bad reception, but it’s working pretty well!

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-4 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-5 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-6

Red day! I am subbornly trying to practise my red makeup skills. Integra Dog I and II from Archetype. Also Snow Angel from MAD. Integra Dog I in the corner of the eye. Integra Dog II over the rest of the eye and under. Snow Angel as highlighter. I am pretty happy with i




The pictures don’t really show the difference between Integra Dog I and II, but there is a difference.

eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-2 eotd-040409-snow-dog-angel-3

EOTD. Olive Foxfire Shinkirou.

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

My Friday make-up.

eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou-2 eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou-3

I went with a colour I’ve been trying to get in ages. But this is a starts. Olive from MAD, Foxfire from Archetype, and Shinkirou as highlighter from Fyrinnae. Olive all over my lid and foxfire just above. Smokey Eyeliner as usual.


eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou-5 eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou-6 eotd-030409-olive-foxfire-shinkirou-7

The new Kitchen.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I totally forgot I promised to post pictures of the new kitchen. These are taken just after the carpenter fixed it up. So there are still some things to do before it’s finished. We need to paint the walls, and paint some cupboard doors and also some shelves. But at least you’ll get a hint of what we want it too look like.

This is a picture from the outside of the kitchen. As you can see, the previous tenant had a queer taste in colour choices, so it’s some kind of turquoise/light green (not a pretty one!) kind of colour on the cupboard and the wall. This we will change! Repainting the cupboard door to a neutral while and dunno what to do about the wall yet.


This is from the doorway to the kitchen. Here you can see the tiles, the floor and the colour of the cabin doors. You can also hint the sink on the picture.


The heart of this kitchen! Our fridge/freezer. You can also hint the dishwasher in the bottom left corner. The freezer has a built in ice machine! Which is just great. Also gives us cold water.


Here you can hint the stove, and see the drawers and some cupboards. The colouring is darker then the picture shows, but it was a very sunny day and well, guess the camera wanted it to be brighter.


This is just above the previous picture. Here you can see the tiles a bit closer and you can also hint the lamp my boyfriends mother made him. We don’t think we can keep them in the kitchen, since they hang to close to the cupboards and get slammed every time we open the doors.


The cooking corner. You can see the induction cooker and the kitchen fan.


Looking out of the kitchen. This is the glass cupboard from the inside. It will be repainted in white. The room behind is a mess, because of all the renovating etc. But it will be a dining area when we are done with it.


Some close ups of the tiles. This is the 3 different decorating tiles we used.


EOTD. Northern Dark Candle.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

It seems I kept on going on the dark theme.

eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-5 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-6 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-7

Archetype day! Corpse Candle, Dark Ouija and Northern Lights. Corpse Candle on most of my lid. And then Dark Ouija in the outer corner of my lid. The shades looks a bit different in the bags then they do on the actual lid. They are lot darker in the bags but lots of colours on my lid! Northern Lights as highlighter but I don’t really like it. I don’t want highlighters to show as much as it does.


IRL Dark Ouija shows a lot more, I couldn’t really catch it on a picture!

eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-2 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-3 eotd-010409-northern-dark-candle-4