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EOTD. Spook Chubby Corpse Dentata Shinkirou.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Finally! Here are yesterdays EOTD. It was a purple day!

eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-4 eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-5 eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-6

I used a lot of shades for this. Exquisite Corpse, Spook, Vagina Dentata and Chubby Skelliton from Archetype. And my lovely Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. Exquisite Corpse on the inside of the eyelid, Spook in the middle, Vagina Dentata on the outer lid. Chubby Skelliton just over all the other shades just under my browbone. Shinkirou as highlighter from Fyrinnae. Smokey Eyeliner as normal and Blueberry Curl Mascara from Lumene.


eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-2 eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-3 eotd-300309-spook-chubby-corpse-dentata-shinkirou-1

I love dark urple makes. I just don’t use them enough! That needs to change.


Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I found it! The cable for my camera. So pictures coming tonight of my EOTD yesterday. Also I’ll try and snap some photos of my tattoo at some point.

I am also pleased that I finally managed to fix my phone. Ever since Christmas I haven’t been able to send any text messages. Not really that bad since I hardly bother to reply to the ones I get anyway, so this way I had a reason not to. But a guy at the lan party this weekend had the same problem as me, and told me how to fix it. So now I did! It’s kind of nice to able to text someone if I want too.

Also my birthday is creeping closer. My boyfriend is already asking me what I want. I have no idea what I want! I mean, everything I want I can already buy if I can afford it (and i usually buy it at once), and if I can’t afford it’s way too expensive to ask for from someone else. So I have no idea what to ask for.  I hate birthdays that way! But considering having a birthday dinner at my place for some friends since we finally have a kitchen and I can actually cook and hopefully the whole flat wont be a total mess.

So my question is, what do you guys want for your birthday? Maybe I’ll get some ideas.

Tattoos and hair.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I took some pictures of my make-up today. But I couldn’t find my cable for my camera. If I am unlucky I left it at the lan-party yesterday. So I don’t know when I’m going to find it and be able to upload some new pictures.

I cut my hair today! Wasn’t so long ago I did but I wanted it shorter. As I’m lacking a camera cable I can’t show you but I will try later. But I like it!

I also went by a tattoo parlor to book a time for a cover-up. 1,5 years ago I got a tattoo on my back at Ink Bash in Stockholm. It was rushed and just ended up really bad. And I’ve been wanting to cover it up for while but just never got too it. Now it will finally happen. May the 20. I’ll give you a picture of the tattoo as it looks now, but you’ll have to wait for that as well. The tattoo parlor in question who is gonna fix my tattoo is Art by Fafnir by a guy named Jonny. So this summer I will be able to wear a top and show off my back without being embarrassed.

EOTD 29.03.08 Love Sunshine Shinkirou.

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Todays EOTD. The weather here in Stockholm is really dull. Muddy and gray. So I wanted some light bright colours!

eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou-2 eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou-3

Lots of Love and Sunshine, both of them LE from MAD’s valentine collection. Shinkirou as highlighter. I’m not that pleased with the eyeliner today, but didn’t have enought time to fix it.



It’s colourful! But the misshap with the eyeliner kinda ruins the whole make-up. Oh well better luck next time!

eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou-6 eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou-5 eotd-290309-love-sunshine-shinkirou-4

EOTD 28.03.09 Gargoyle Daybreak Nijiro.

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Todays EOTD! Went home last night from the lan, prefer to sleep in my own bed and the cats need some attention too. I’m sorry I never posted the earlier pictures, lost of things got in the way, and today when I was going through the pictures I wasn’t very happy with them. So I decided I wont post them. But you get todays EOTD instead.

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-3 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-2

Daybreak Aeval and The Gargoyle Trees from Archetype and Nijiro from Fyrinnae. Daybreak Aeval is a really nice petrol colour. I have it on the inside of my lid and almost all the way out to the outer corner. The Gargoyle Trees is a nice dark gray colour. Nijiro is my second best highlighter. Smokey Eyeliner like usual.



It’s a nice colour! Haen’t had a proper teal make in ages, and I forgot how much I like this colour!

eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-4 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-5 eotd-280309-gargoyle-daybreak-nijiro-6


Friday, March 27th, 2009

Gah I’m sorry! I promised you pictures, but I just got my hands full. I have the pictures on my camera still, and the camera is at home, while I am stuck at a lan party. I’ll drop by home tomorrow to check on the cats and I will try and remeber to bring the camera here so I can upload the pictures for you!

Some news.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

As you might have noticed I took a little break in the make up department. I am resting my eyes and just taking time for other things. But I managed to snap some photos today of my make, so I’ll post them later when I get home!

A carpenter is here this week, finally getting around to fixing the last bit of the kitchen renovation! It is so great. In one day he did more then we managed the last 6 months (at least it feels that way). So this weekend we might have a complete kitchen that is ready for full use! I promise I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete! I’m so exited! He will put up the tiles today, so it’s gonna be great and see if we chose a good colour of if we messed it all up!

I’m also gonna go pick Saria up next Saturday! Finally getting to bring her home! Her mating never resulted in anything, so we will being her back home, and see if she will get in heat again soon, and try and find her a suitable partner around here somewhere. And hopefully if everything goes to plan I’ll have a litter of fur-balls here this summer!

I’m also getting glasses. Thank god my employer pays for it, because I really didn’t wanna spend 150€ on glasses I probably wont even like! Went trying them out today, and promise I’ll give you pictures of me in them. But I need a haircut first! But I didn’t really mind the ones I picked out, but it will feel really weird. I never needed glasses before!

EOTD. Conjunction Dentata Shinkirou.

Friday, March 20th, 2009

I was going to let my eyes rest today, but I woke up pretty early, and didn’t start work til 11:30 so I had all this time on my hand! So why waste it?

eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-9 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-8 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-7

Conjunction and Vagina Dentata from Archetype, and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. Conjunction in the corner of my eye and also underneath. Vagina Dentata in the outer corner of my eye and below. Shinkriou As highlighter as usual. It’s fantastic that I am not even close to running out of this wonderful highlighter shade! I only bought a sample, and still have lots of it left. When I start running out I’ll buy a full jar and will probably never need to buy a new ones again! Smokey Eyeliner from EMD. I’ve been thinking of buying the DIP liner from HM. But I really don’t think I need one, Smokey is a really nice eyeliner, and if I need something blacker, then Black Eyeliner from EMD also works.




I like it! Conjunction always works, and I like Vagina Dentata (and the name rocks!). Purple and green is probably my most favourite colours when it comes to eye make-up.

eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-3 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou-2 eotd-200309-conjunction-denata-shinkirou

EOTD. Whisper Love Ginseng.

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I feel like I’m spamming you with pictures today, but I really haven’t had much else to do then try out some new colours.

eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-5 eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-6 eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-7

Lots of Love, Ginseng and Whisper Green from MAD. Lots of Love all over my lid, and below and Ginseng above Lots of Love. Whisper Green as highlighter. I think all this make-up is hurting my eyes.They are turning red, as you can see on the bigger picture.


Some clickable pictures.

eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-2 eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-3 eotd-180309-whisper-love-ginseng-4

EOTD. Wild Trustful Shinkirou.

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Since I don’t really feel like doing much else, I played around with some more make-up and instead of more Illegal you get something else.

eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-3 eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-4 eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-5

Wild Mango and Trustful from MAD, and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. Trustful all over my eyelid and underneath. Wild Mango between my lid and brow bone. Shinkirou as highlighter and Smokey Eyeliner as my eyeliner.



I like it! Tho the pictures don’t make the make any justice.

eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-6 eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-7 eotd-180309-wild-trustful-shinkirou-8