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Going light

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I have been doing this project for a while that I realised I haven’t updated you of. I started an experiment with my hair one day because I got bored.

I wanted to go from black, to blonde hair. Which I know will take a while. So let me show you how the process has been going and what the result is at this moment.

I started at home, since it takes so long and not many hairdressers seem to like to dye black hair to blonde.

I used Schwarzkopf Blonde, the strongest one.

The first day I used 1 package per dye (dyed it twice) but realised it was too little for my hair so I used 2 packages the next time.

This it the result after the first round was:

And after the second time:

The roots

The ends

It’s kinda funny how you can see the difference in the hair I dyed black many times and the hair I only dyed a few times. The roots got really light while the ends just wouldn’t release the dye. But it might have been because I didn’t have enough dye in it as well.

And after the third time when I used enough dye I got a bigger result. (Pictures also taken after washing my hair with Silver shampoo)

Here you really can see the darker and lighter parts.

And after a visit to the hairdresser it’s even lighter.

Now I can’t decide if I want it really cool-blond (like silvery) or warm-blond (honey ish). I don’t know what would look best with my skin type, decisions decisions. *shrug*

Well, that is my update for you!

Silvery new-years make-up

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

I am feeling pretty bad today, probably from almost freezing to death all day yesterday at work. But I made the best of it, and put on a full make-up! Tried almost all my new products and also took some pictures for you!

Products I used:

Primer for the eye-shadows is High Tech Lighter Milkyway from MUS. Eye-shadows Harlot Star, Lacuna from Archetype and Shinkirou from Fyrinnae. The mascara is Lumene Sensitive Eyes. Inside my eyes I use a gray eye-liner from FACE Stockholm and on top of my eyes it’s the eye-shadow Black from Everyday Minerals as eye-liner.

On my lips I’m using the lipstick dust from MUS.

As a base, which will be the same everyday, all products from MUS.

  • Cover All Mix
  • Sports Foundation – leche
  • Loose Powder – pale
  • Mineral Loose foundation – sinai
  • Blush – complex

Add an Image

And a little picture of my hair, I used Foxy Curls from Tigi and topped off with Rock Hard from disp. I also used my straightener to actually do the curls.

The hairspray is fantastic! Can’t say anything about the long term effect. But damn the effect now is amazing!

Hair products

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Well, since it was just christmas I decided to get myself some things for my hair. The images are click-able and takes you to a site in Sweden where you can buy these products.

Something I’ve been lacking is a product that can protect my hair from heat while styling. So I ordered a Redken Spray Starch Heat Memory Spray (15).

I also just ran out hairspray, so I ordered a new one I read a lot of good reviews about. Disp Core Hard Rock.

And I also just fell for this bottle, and I need something to help me define my curls the few times I can be bothered with it. My hair is usually super straight and not a lot can keep it curly even if I really try too. Now we will see how well Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls will do.

I promise to give you reviews of the products after I have had time to use them for a while.