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FOTD – Just me!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Look a face!

I managed to take a picture that I think was rather funny and not totally horrible!

Here you can see both my “new” glasses that I always forget to use, and what my base looks like on the face!

The lipstick I got on is Dust from MUS.

EOTD – Neutral

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Well, we are finally moving the last things over to the house from the old apartment. I’m getting my couch back! *squeal* Haven’t been able to just sit down anywhere and relax since October when we moved. Finally will be able to watch movies with friends and just play our PS3 games!

I was not in any mood to really do anything fancy today, my back got torn yesterday while we were packing the last things and that makes me quite useless today when we are moving. But still wanted to look fresh and just neutral. So I went with eyeliner and mascara. Was a long time ago I did just that.

Products I used:

  • My normal base*
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Eyeliner – EMD
  • Eyeliner Gray – FACE Stockholm
  • Mascara Sensitive Eyes – Lumene
  • Brow Pen Taupe – MUS

Just the base all over my face (including on eyelid) and then Smokey Eyeliner mixed with water as a liner on my lid. This is one of the few shadows I have that mixes really well with water. It’s great! Been thinking of getting Mixing Liquid from MUS but just haven’t needed it as long as I only use Smokey as eyeliner.

*My normal base consist of:

  • Sports Foundation leche – MUS
  • Wonder Powder sinai – MUS
  • Loose Powder pale – MUS
  • Concealer Cover All Mix – MUS
  • Blush Complex – MUS

Out of foundation!?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

God dammit! This morning I used up the last of my MUS Sports Foundation. I bought it pretty recently, after Christmas, and it has already run out! I don’t use is every day and I don’t use so much it should already be out. Now I can’t decide what to do. I really loved it, but it is damn expensive to buy a new foundation every 3 weeks for about 32€ (335 SEK). But I haven’t found any other foundation I like this much and fits my dead pale Scandinavian skin as well as this, because I don’t want a thick foundation that covers a lot. My skin is pretty even and I just want to add that extra touch to make it look nice, which Sports Foundation really does.

So sad faced Emmi now doesn’t know what to do. Buy another one. Try something else or not bother for a while?

Me <3 Mail

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I love getting packages in the mail. Last night I got 2 different packages. One was my order from EDM and the other one was a package from a auction I won on Ebay.

In the EDM package I got my new Smokey Eyeliner which is huge! I’ll never run out of Smokey again. And then the “try me” package which was called Winter Wonderland that they don’t seem to have anymore.

The Winter Wonderland package contained Floating Feathers, Bubble Tea and Swing Set.

The auction I won on ebay was a lipgloss from MUS, called flash. It’s gorgeously purple and will go well with my darker make ups.

Archetype Order

Friday, January 8th, 2010

What I forgot to tell you about is that I placed an order at Archetype as well about 1 month ago now. It will take a long time to arrive anyway so I’m trying to “forget” the order so I get pleasantly surprised when it arrives.

What hopefully will arrive within the month is:

Venus Fly Trap

Plastic Pink – I ran out of this! It’s gorgeous!

Poison Pen

Sexy Librarian


Unwrap Me

Autumn Leaves

Bettie’s Bangs

Broken Angel

Candy Cane Kisses


Deus ex Machina

Desert Rain

Deep Sunless Sea


Exquisite Corpse

I actually hate make up in bags but since Archetype has such a wonderful selection of colours, and almost all of them are super gorgeous I can live with the small bags the samples come in. Favourites I can always buy in jars.

I’ve also been waiting for them to finally add Venus Fly Trap to their list of colours again. I’ve seen other bloggers use it and I just love the way it looks! And now I can finally get my own sample of it.

I’m also looking and forward to how Deus ex Machina and Broken Angel looks IRL. Can be quite nice I believe.

Plastic Pink is together with Kitten in Heels (from Fyrinnae) one of my favourite pinks! I ran out of it tho a while back (first shade I actually ran out of, I usually have too many to have time to use one too many times so it actually runs out) but now that I got another order sent to Archetype I added this as well.

Fyrinnae Order

Friday, January 8th, 2010

So since I suck and lost one of my favourite shades yesterday I now decided to order myself a new one + some that just happen to fall into my shopping basket. Fyrinnae send you the package, world wide, free of shipping charges if you order over 20 dollar so I just had to do that, right?

What ended up in my basked was:

A new Kitten in Heels Loose Eye Shadow

Broken Doll Loose Eye Shadow

Meerkat Loose eye Shadow

Lemming Loose Eye Shadow

Shigami Loose Eye Shadow

+20 Beautification Loose Eye Shadow

Arcane Magic: Wizard’s Apprentice

Medieval Haunting Loose Eye Shadow

Griffonrider Loose Eye Shadow

Glow Blush: Mesmerize

City Glam: Lights of Stockholm Glitter

City Glam: Lights of Las Vegas Glitter

I can’t wait for them to send this order! And they sent my order from EDM already, so I wont have to worry about running out of Smokey Eyeliner.

Crazy shopping-spree!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Well, I went by Make Up Store today to do some light after x-mas shopping. Well, that isn’t really what happened. I came home with 11 products/things, tho I only paid for 8, 3 were various gifts and things.

First of all I’ve needed a foundation for a long time. I just don’t know how to use one properly. I never really felt like I needed one either but I want to learn. So I got a Sport Foundation called leche. It’s foundation almost shaped like a pen where there is a built in brush. It doesn’t cover as much as MUS other liquid foundations but this is probably just what I need.

I also got a Loose Powder called pale. This will be great to get that foundation to last all day! To that I got a little white powder puff.

I also bought my first ever Blush! I chose a pink/orange kind of blush with sparkle in it called complex. To that I also bought a brush.

I’ve been wanting this lipstick for so long, and now I finally bought it, dust lipstick. (Couldn’t  find any pictures so I’ll snap one myself one day).

I also bought diamond Strazz which are these beautiful little swarovski stones. They look yellow on the picture but they are not at all, just diamond “coloured”. Also some glue to the stones and for fake lashes when I finally go and get some!

That is the “bought” items I got. Then I also received 3 gifts. 1 is a pretty little blue glittery eyeliner, 2nd the beautiful little Babydoll collection glitter puff that is basically a puff that gives you glitter where ever you use it. And the 3rd gift! A pair of black shoes! Heels! They are adorable, just need to have some daylight so I can take some pictures. I will, if not tomorrow, try and snap a picture of them on Thursday when I’m at home during the day. I hope they fit!

My own little slice of heaven

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Well, what you probably don’t know is that we bought a house, and we moved in around the beginning of October! 4 rooms + a kitchen + 2 bathrooms and a washroom. It’s 104 m2 divided on 2 floors. We love it! Lots of room for us, our hobbies and for the cats to run around!

What I’ve always wanted, was a little corner for just me. Where I could have my own little makeup-studio kind of table. A big mirror on the wall, a little cute makeup-desk and just makeup everywhere!

Well guess what! I’m getting just that! My loving partner spent the better part of a whole day today at IKEA in Stockholm and got me almost everything I need for that little slice of heaven!  (There was some malfunction so he didn’t get my whole list and missed the little stool I wanted. But we will just have to go back! Gah!)

I promise when we have it all done I will post pictures of how it looks, but for now you will only get the actually pieces and you can try and imagine the rest til we have it up and running. Not actually sure of where we are gonna place this slice of mine, but we will figure it out.

This is the table I got today (a hell to put it together!) it’s so much bigger then it looks. I was surprised when I got it!


The stool we will have to get another day.


The mirror I will be adoring myself in!


And then a little side mirror for making sure my hair is perfect all around!


As lighting I chose to go with 2 of these lamps


I will have them vertical one on each side of the black big mirror!

This is a little bit of how my corner will look! I will try and get some nice big mugs to have all my brushes in, and I already got a pretty decent storage for all my damn eyeshadows that are up to over 200 now. (Will need to update that list sometime I guess).

Make-up and a cat.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Since there is a distinguished lack of make-up pictures in the blog lately, I’ll give you 2 links too 2 new blogs I found and I love them both! They both entered Sminkans “tutorial competition” and I love both of their tutorials! I can’t decide which one and I love best, and the colours! Wow! First is Purity, and then micromiss. I’ll be adding them both as links down to the right (along with sminkan) and then follow them whenever I have time!

Both my cameras are now out of battery, for one of them I can’t find the battery charger anywhere! I’ve been looking and looking and I’ll keep looking til I find it! To my Nikon D40 I forgot the charger in Finland this last weekend. So now I’m just waiting for them to send it to me so I can keep taking pictures! So hang in there, more pictures are coming! I didn’t stop using make-up, just can’t take any good pictures of it any more!

But instead I’ll show you some pretty pictures I took of my cat Saria! Some of the are taken in Finland, out on my cousins very sunny yard and some are from out living-room.

The next picture is my favourite one! I’d like it printed and put up somewhere I think!

That is all for now! I promise I’ll do my best to find that damn  charger!

Voting time!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

As many probably know this year there is an election for European Parliament. In Sweden this date is 7th of June.

For many different reasons I’m going to go and proudly vote for the Swedish Pirate Party. Since their colour is purple (very nice shade of purple too I might add) I am going to have 2 purple weeks til the vote is finished. I probably wont have time to make a new make-up every day. But I’ll try to vary it as much as possible and as many days of the ones that are left as possible!

I’ll try and start tomorrow already, but since I work almost every day (at least that is what it feels like) I might not get up in time to have time to make!