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Tattoos and hair.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I took some pictures of my make-up today. But I couldn’t find my cable for my camera. If I am unlucky I left it at the lan-party yesterday. So I don’t know when I’m going to find it and be able to upload some new pictures.

I cut my hair today! Wasn’t so long ago I did but I wanted it shorter. As I’m lacking a camera cable I can’t show you but I will try later. But I like it!

I also went by a tattoo parlor to book a time for a cover-up. 1,5 years ago I got a tattoo on my back at Ink Bash in Stockholm. It was rushed and just ended up really bad. And I’ve been wanting to cover it up for while but just never got too it. Now it will finally happen. May the 20. I’ll give you a picture of the tattoo as it looks now, but you’ll have to wait for that as well. The tattoo parlor in question who is gonna fix my tattoo is Art by Fafnir by a guy named Jonny. So this summer I will be able to wear a top and show off my back without being embarrassed.


Friday, March 27th, 2009

Gah I’m sorry! I promised you pictures, but I just got my hands full. I have the pictures on my camera still, and the camera is at home, while I am stuck at a lan party. I’ll drop by home tomorrow to check on the cats and I will try and remeber to bring the camera here so I can upload the pictures for you!

Some news.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

As you might have noticed I took a little break in the make up department. I am resting my eyes and just taking time for other things. But I managed to snap some photos today of my make, so I’ll post them later when I get home!

A carpenter is here this week, finally getting around to fixing the last bit of the kitchen renovation! It is so great. In one day he did more then we managed the last 6 months (at least it feels that way). So this weekend we might have a complete kitchen that is ready for full use! I promise I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete! I’m so exited! He will put up the tiles today, so it’s gonna be great and see if we chose a good colour of if we messed it all up!

I’m also gonna go pick Saria up next Saturday! Finally getting to bring her home! Her mating never resulted in anything, so we will being her back home, and see if she will get in heat again soon, and try and find her a suitable partner around here somewhere. And hopefully if everything goes to plan I’ll have a litter of fur-balls here this summer!

I’m also getting glasses. Thank god my employer pays for it, because I really didn’t wanna spend 150€ on glasses I probably wont even like! Went trying them out today, and promise I’ll give you pictures of me in them. But I need a haircut first! But I didn’t really mind the ones I picked out, but it will feel really weird. I never needed glasses before!

Glasses or lenses or nothing at all?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

No EOTD pictures today. I was dead tired this morning and I just couldn’t get out of bed in time. Also I’m going to the optician today to check my eyesight. So it is better if I don’t have irritated eyes already from all the make-up. My partner is sure I will need glasses or lenses, I am still hoping I wont have too. I don’t mind the look. I used to borrow my best friends glasses when I was little because I loved wearing them. But I am way too lazy to use glasses everyday. Or even worse, lenses. Take them out each evening and put them in again! I almost too lazy to bother brushing my teeth every day so how will I manage with more “must do” everyday. Ah well we will see what comes out of this.

I also by accident stumbled over the most adorable creature ever yesterday on the web. The colour I love the most in cat’s is blue tortie. It’s when the cat has both blue and red in their coat. Sometimes even white. But the cat breeds I’m interested in don’t come in this lovely colour. Until I stumbled over the gorgeous La Perm breed. A slender delicate cat, dog-like in their behaviour and just a bliss to look upon. And they have curly fur! For me they are like a Somali, but with a bigger variety in colours and curly fur. But there are very few La Perm breeders in Sweden so I haven’t really been looking that hard at them yet. I can wait for a blue tortie girl if I have too.

But yesterday, when I was browsing the web for pictures of straight coated La Perms and found an adorable picture of a blue tortie girl. I got all the way to the breeders website and to my big delight it wasn’t an old picture! But she was still for sale, but in Scotland.. I sent the breeder an email yesterday, we will see if she will answer it. I’m kind of hoping for a negative answer so I don’t seriously have to start thinking about how to get her back here. And how to convince my other half that I need her, she is the one I’ve been waiting for.

The good thing is that form the UK the import rules aren’t that bad when it comes to cats. No rabies vaccine is needed for example.

Well, we will see what comes out of this. Glasses? A new cat? Can’t wait!

Updates and remodeling

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

I needed a change. The black black background made me almost depressed so instead I made the blog all… Gray! Yes isn’t is all cheerful and happy now! At least it’s lighter then before.

I think everything should be in order, but if you find something looking odd, please either send me an email or poke me in a comment and I’ll try and fix it at once.

Some bracelets and more.

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

I almost forgot! I made some more jewelery this week. Playing around with beads and pearls and wire. This is the outcome.



Green and white sweetwater-pearls. A few green glass-pearls on memorywire.



White Sweetwater-pearls, with white rock-chrystal. They look kind of rubbery, but they are suposed to be all natural. All on plasted wire.


Some glassbeads, yellow, olive and peach coloured sweetwater-pearls. On bent memorywire.

Here we go.

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Alright, after a lot of complaining from various friends of mine around the globe I decided I’ll try an write all my posts in English. The only problem is, there is a lot of make-up terms I don’t know in English (I hardly know them in Swedish) but I guess I can learn, and write lots of conspicuous words that you’ll have to tell me if they actually mean anything or if I just made them up. And I honestly don’t know why my friends are complaining when most of this blog is about make-up, mainly eyeshadow, and most of my non Swedish friends are male. But hey! Who am I to be judgemental, if they wanna follow my make-up blog who am i to stop them. I prefer to write the posts in English anyway. After quitting my online gaming I feel I don’t use my language skills that much, and what I miss most about online games is that I got to speak/write English all the time.

Today I have a little different colour choice on my make-up. I don’t usually like the red shadows I put on. In the jars they are lovely but at once when I put them on they don’t seem to wanna work with me. But today I went with a red/yellow/orange eye-day and I managed to somehow make it look good! I also managed to snap some shots of if before I had to run to work, so I can show you the pictures later tonight when I have time to upload them and edit them a bit.

I know this blog is very new but I am still not a 100% happy with the layout. Might be I just get bored quickly.  So I’m gonna poke around and see if I find something better or if I have to coax my beloved boyfriend to build one  for me from scratch.

MAD beställning!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Idag kom mina skuggor från MAD! Helt underbara är de, 3 st skuggor jag älskar bara i burkarna, hoppas de är lika fina på.Skall försöka swatcha dem, men troligtvis blir det inte förens i helgen, då jag jobbar morgon på torsdag/fredag och det inte finns något dagsljus när jag kommer hem längre. Så ni får hålla er till helgen!

Lyckades ta några bilder i morse på min EOTD så förhoppningsvis kommer jag hinna lägga upp  dem ikväll då jag kommer hem. Det roliga är att detta är en av mina favoritsminkningar just nu, och har hittills inte lyckats ta en enda bild av den för att lägga in i bloggen. Men nu får ni se den!

Jag är lite besviken att det inte kommer något nytt Lost avsnitt imorgon. Tycker Lost har hittat tillbaka till hur det var i början! Vad som fick mig att älska serien. Önskar att jag hade mera tid skulle jag titta igenom hela serien jag har på DVD, men på senaste tiden jag har tittat på Bones. Har inte följt Bones från början, för mycket kriminalserier för att jag skall orka hitta de som jag verkligen gillar. Men Bones är underbar! Är snart klar med de avsnitten som kommit ut på Season 4, sedan skall vi se vad jag hittar att titta igenom här näst.  De kriminalserier jag följer för tillfället är inte så många, Fringe, The Mentalist och Bones. Tror jag i alla fall. Kanske finns några flera men de går väl inte för tillfället så det är inget jag kommer ihåg. Hade för några år sedan en gigantisk lista på alla serier jag sett och som jag följde och som jag ville se.  Fantastisk att jag ens hann med skolan på den tiden. Nu när jag jobbar får man prioritera de serier som jag älskar, har inte tid för “ok” serier. Heroes är en av de serierna som ligger lösast just nu, som jag ser sist av alla mina serier som skall ses varje vecka.


Monday, March 9th, 2009

Jag har upptäckt någonting nytt som är jätle kul! Smyckestillverkning! Köpt massor med pärlor och andra saker till och nu har jag äntligen tillräckligt med prylar för att sätta ihop ett armband som jag är nöjd med!

Mitt första armband som jag gjort själv:



Gjort av sötvatenpärlor, naturliga, lila och ljung färgade, 5-6 mm. Plastad Wire och knutgömmor. Samt ett fint lås.

Detta är jättekul! Skall se om jag kan göra flera saker, och ge bort i present eller liknande, då jag själv inte använder mycket smycken egentligen.

Lush + PMS = <3

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Så hade man en sådan dag igen, först skulle jag egentligen jobbat morgonpass, men mådde riktigt uselt när jag vaknade i morse. Chefen min är helt underbar och lät mig byta till ett kvällspass så lyckades slita mig ur sängen och ta mig till jobbet runt 11.

Jag får varje månad runt menstider fina odlingar av finnar i ansiktet som jag annars slipper. Detta fenomen har börjat på senaste tiden, och har aldrig lidigt av det tidigare. Jag bestämde mig därför för att ta hand om ansiktet idag när jag kom hem från jobbet och rengöra det i förebyggande syfte.

Jag älskar Lush! Först vill jag presentera Babyface. Världens bästa makeupbortagningsmedel. Jag använder den endast till ögon, mest för att jag bara sminkar ögonen. Men den är helt underbar för det syftet! Varmt rekommenderad! Sedan pealade jag ansiktet med Ocean Salt, härligt sträv och uppfriskande! Bra pealing helt enkelt. Fresh Farmacy är en tvål från Lush som skall förhindra och motverka finnar, nu får vi se om den kan leva upp till vad den lovar! Och slutligen använder jag den underbara masken A Crash Course in Skincare. Rogivange avocado och citronsaft.

fv. A Crash Course in SKincare, Fresh Farmacy, Ocean Salt, Babyface.

A Crash Course in Skincare, Fresh Farmacy, Ocean Salt, Babyface.

En bonus bild på mig i ansiktsmasken!