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Zelda and Bertík.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Ah dammit. I promised you purple EOTD’s. But of course my compact camera has run out of batteries, and I can’t find the charger anywhere. And I can’t manage to take any good pictures of my eyes with my D40 so I wont post the EOTD’s til I find my charger for the camera battery.

But! I had an off-day today. So I played around with my D40 and took some pictures of my cats. Saria is in heat now over in Finland, so hopefully I can go get her this weekend and we will have kittens in the beginning of august!

Fist off we have Zelda, she was very playful and played around a lot with the mat and some toys.

Bertík was also there, playing and also just looking cute.

I’ll try and give you more pictures whenever I can. I will practise my photo skills during any free time I have.

Back home!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

I’ve had a couple of days now full with activity, and cats! And oh such lovely cats then!

I was visiting the breeder FIN*Kharn-Ka in Esboo in Finland yesterday, mainly to drop of Saria to meed Igor the Supreme Champion! (Yes that is actually his titel, cat show and stuff, don’t ask me I’m not so well informed about it all).

Unfortunately Igor was not there, and his owner was away for the day so I couldn’t take a look at him, but I got to meet Jaana’s other beautiul cats and I actually managed to take some pictures! So here goes.

First off I want to present a gorgeous little prince from Italy that totally stole my heart away! I might update with names on the cats later, because honestly I have no idea, too short time to remember and the names are usually not easy .






He spent some time on my shoulder as well, so here is a picture of us, me with no make up on and my prince hanging on my shoulder.


His colouring isn’t great, but god his temperament is so lovely, he came up to me at once and demanded my attention. When I sat at the kitchen table he laid down in front of me and rolled around demanding to be petted. I would have stolen him with me if I could!

Then we have a Aby variant girl that reminded me a lot of Saria in her behaviour. She was quick, not very happy to be lifted or petted and super cute!






Those were the only Two I managed to get more than one of two good pictures of.

Here is a relative to Igor, his grand grand mother, I can’t remember.




And some sorrel somalis! There were 2, but honestly I can’t tell them apart.





And then another relative to Igor, and the oldest cat in the cattery!


And I only managed to get one “decent” photo of Saria on the whole trip. She is impossible to catch on film!


Never leave your computer unlocked.

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Wow, I think my cats managed to delete a whole post from my blog, just because I forgot to lock my computer before I went to work.

Well, I was showing off my boyfriends cat, Bertík. The only picture out of 214 that I was actually somewhat pleased with. I have managed to snap some more pictures this morning so I will try and post them tonight.


The book my boyfriend ordered for me, about learning HTML and CSS has finally arrived!! So I’m gonna start working on my website properly this weekend :)

Some news!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Wonderful day here in Stockholm, tho yesterday was even warmer. And I’m stuck at work. Tho I’m not actually complaining since I’m making about 15 € extra each hour just because it’s a national holiday. Same for tomorrow!

I’m working on a new web page. It’s gonna be the heart of my next operation! As you already have seen I own the beauty S*Anshara Zmilla Dawnika, also called Saria at home, and she is my future queen in my own breeding of the wonderful breed Somali. I’ve been thinking a long time of this and will together with S*Anshara take the first litter on her. We are still looking for a suitable stud, so we don’t know when yet, but I hope it happens before the summer, so I can spend my holidays at home with a litter of fur-balls!

So right now I’m learning HTML and CSS so I can build my own website from scratch. The only problem is that I don’t know anything about design, or graphics, so I will have to find someone else to do the graphics parts for me! But I hope it wont be too hard. I already have a nice man that made the headers for me on this blog! So I’ll see if he is up to the challenge or making another header and banner for my website. But it really fun learning HTML/CSS! I just wish I had more time so I could focus more on all the little projects I have going on. But I doubt my boyfriend would find it very fun if I quit my job and he had to provide for me and all my goofy interest.

I’ll get another EOTD tonight! I brought half my make-up arsenal to work, and even remembered to pack my camera! So I managed to snap some pictures and will upload them tonight.

Hope you guys had a great Easter and ate a lot of candy! I feel like such a kid since we got tons of candy both from my mother and my motherin-law, so we don’t need to buy our own for… Well for atleast a week!

Some news.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

As you might have noticed I took a little break in the make up department. I am resting my eyes and just taking time for other things. But I managed to snap some photos today of my make, so I’ll post them later when I get home!

A carpenter is here this week, finally getting around to fixing the last bit of the kitchen renovation! It is so great. In one day he did more then we managed the last 6 months (at least it feels that way). So this weekend we might have a complete kitchen that is ready for full use! I promise I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete! I’m so exited! He will put up the tiles today, so it’s gonna be great and see if we chose a good colour of if we messed it all up!

I’m also gonna go pick Saria up next Saturday! Finally getting to bring her home! Her mating never resulted in anything, so we will being her back home, and see if she will get in heat again soon, and try and find her a suitable partner around here somewhere. And hopefully if everything goes to plan I’ll have a litter of fur-balls here this summer!

I’m also getting glasses. Thank god my employer pays for it, because I really didn’t wanna spend 150€ on glasses I probably wont even like! Went trying them out today, and promise I’ll give you pictures of me in them. But I need a haircut first! But I didn’t really mind the ones I picked out, but it will feel really weird. I never needed glasses before!

Glasses or lenses or nothing at all?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

No EOTD pictures today. I was dead tired this morning and I just couldn’t get out of bed in time. Also I’m going to the optician today to check my eyesight. So it is better if I don’t have irritated eyes already from all the make-up. My partner is sure I will need glasses or lenses, I am still hoping I wont have too. I don’t mind the look. I used to borrow my best friends glasses when I was little because I loved wearing them. But I am way too lazy to use glasses everyday. Or even worse, lenses. Take them out each evening and put them in again! I almost too lazy to bother brushing my teeth every day so how will I manage with more “must do” everyday. Ah well we will see what comes out of this.

I also by accident stumbled over the most adorable creature ever yesterday on the web. The colour I love the most in cat’s is blue tortie. It’s when the cat has both blue and red in their coat. Sometimes even white. But the cat breeds I’m interested in don’t come in this lovely colour. Until I stumbled over the gorgeous La Perm breed. A slender delicate cat, dog-like in their behaviour and just a bliss to look upon. And they have curly fur! For me they are like a Somali, but with a bigger variety in colours and curly fur. But there are very few La Perm breeders in Sweden so I haven’t really been looking that hard at them yet. I can wait for a blue tortie girl if I have too.

But yesterday, when I was browsing the web for pictures of straight coated La Perms and found an adorable picture of a blue tortie girl. I got all the way to the breeders website and to my big delight it wasn’t an old picture! But she was still for sale, but in Scotland.. I sent the breeder an email yesterday, we will see if she will answer it. I’m kind of hoping for a negative answer so I don’t seriously have to start thinking about how to get her back here. And how to convince my other half that I need her, she is the one I’ve been waiting for.

The good thing is that form the UK the import rules aren’t that bad when it comes to cats. No rabies vaccine is needed for example.

Well, we will see what comes out of this. Glasses? A new cat? Can’t wait!


Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Har fått nya bilder på Saria, tyvärr verkar inte parningen tagit, så vi får vänta ännu längre på kattungar, och på att få hem Saria.


Usch saknar denna sötnosen så otroligt!

En introduktion av Zelda

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Detta är en liten presentation av en av mina katter. Min först(födda)a katt. Zelda döpte jag henne till (de flesta kan nog lista ut varför). Hon är nu närmare 4 år snart (i Juni.. och ja det är sommar snart!). Huskatt från Övik.

Hon är väldigt lugn och speciell som katt. Gillar inte att bli buren alls, men när hon är bekväm med människan i fråga (kan ta en stund) älskar hon att gosa. Hon älskar att bli klappad på magen, och myst med. Hon var livrädd för män i början. Varje gång det kom en herre på besök till min längehet satt hon och stirrage argt bakom skrivbordet/dator skärmen.

Här får ni se några nytagna bilder på mattes älsklingskatt.


Det är lite bråkigt här hemma, är inte helt säker att Zelda uppskattar sällskapet som hon har blivit påtvingad. Men det får vi de om tiden kan lösa.

Det är tyst och lungt utan Saria

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Saria, min lilla blåa somali är på herrbesök. Eller ja, hon är hemma hos sin uppfödare för att paras, och för att sedan föra sin kull där. Hon åkte redan i mitten på december, och vi saknar henne otroligt mycket här hemma.

Jag tänkte visa lite bilder som är lånade av S*Anshara, Sarias uppfödare, och visa denna underbara kisse som nu också skall ha ungar i vår är det tänkt.

Saria med systern Zsuzi, ca 7 veckor

Saria med systern Zsuzi, ca 7 veckor

Trött Saria på 10 veckor

Trött Saria på 10 veckor

Hela kullen, Zmilla,Zaxon, Zsuzi & Zimon

Hela kullen, Zmilla(Saria),Zaxon, Zsuzi & Zimon

Saria 13 veckor

Saria 13 veckor

Saria 1 år och 3 månader

Saria 1 år och 6 månader

Vi hoppas att parningen skall gå bra och att det inte blir för söta ungar. Vet inte hur jag skall kunna stå emot om Saria får en vilt eller fawn somali hane efter sig. Vi har inte plats för fler! Men nog vill jag ha en till alltid. Skulle vara så underbart med en lite söt somaliunge springandes runt här och liva upp stämmningen.

Men matte och husse har såklart fortfarande katter hemma. Zelda och Bertík förgyller fortfarande våra liv. Men jag saknar ändå Saria, för hon är en del av denna familjen.