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Cold makes you wanna cuddle warm.

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

It’s cold. Winter and cold! This morning it was around -20 degrees Celsius outside. Saria did what all cats should do, found someplace warm and cuddled up.

This is our digital tv box which is always really warm.

For Zelda a warm quilt was enough to keep warm.

The litter

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Maybe you are all wondering what actually happened to the kittens? Well let me tell you!

Arawn lives with a very loving girl here in Stockholm making her life a lot more.. Interesting. He hasn’t changed names yet but we will see if she find something more fitting for him! He will be kept as a stud for S*Anshara somali and might become a dad in a few years.

Here he is, around 14 weeks old out on our balcony.

Aeval buried herself deep in my heart and she got to stay here with us. She will hopefully, if my dear partner can be convinced, have a litter of her own someday. (He complained he could not sleep with kittens everywhere.)

Amaethon stole the heart of a couple from Åland, and now lives in Mariehamn with another somali boy called Ozzy. They are making the life of Ritva and Ralf almost too much to bear. Amaethon has a new name, and is now called Diesel. He is very talkative and purrs like a little tractor.

Ai also still lives in Stockholm, he is now a big city cat and lived in the middle of central Stockholm together with another somali-girl called Pixie, and 2 dogs called Suzi and Laika. He is being incredibly spoiled and really loves to play with Pixie and Suzi. He also got a new name and is now called Francis.

I want to thank all my buyers and it all feels really good. They really found the perfect home for themselves!

4 week old Somali kittens

Friday, August 28th, 2009

So here is the 4 week pictures of the litter! They are now starting to look like small cats, not just som furry creatures!





3 week old Somali kittens

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I totally missed posting the pictures when the kittens turned 3 weeks, so I guess you get them now, a little late.





2 week old Somali kittens

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Today the litter turned 2 weeks! So we celebrated with a litte photo-shoot!





They are growing and starting to be more and more active. Aeval is the most active one, crawling around on all fours, tho very unstable, and exploring the little box they live in.

Some eyes-open photoes!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

12 days old. Eyes-open!



Amaethon – his profile is a bit straighter then his brothers I think.


They are growing faster then I would want, soon they will be moving out! (well, not that soon ;) )

1 week old Somali kittens.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Yesterday the litter turned 1 week. They almost doubled in size but still look a lot like they did at birth, just bigger.


Aeval – The one who gaigned most weight. She is now 2nd biggest in the litter even tho she was born the smallest!

Amaethon – Biggest in the litter! He is also the first one who has opened both eyes today. But it wont show on the picture.

Ai – Smallest in the litter. But after we saw a vet because of problems with one of Sarias udders that Ai decided was his own, he has gaigned a lot of weight and is catching up to the others.

They are growing well and we are just waiiting for them all to open their eyes so we can see some more action in the living box!

Kitten invasion!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

So, no updates in a while huh? Well, here is an update for you!

Yesterday around 16:00 Saria gave birth to 4 lively kittens. I will present them to you, and also try to keep updating the blog so you can follow their first 12-14 weeks of life here.

First out was Arawn. He was giving his mother a hard time at first, but finally came out and was well taken care of by mummy. For my own part didn’t have to do much else but sit there and take some photos and keep Saria company.

Arawn, a few hours old. Fawn Somali boy.

After that came Aeval, smallest of the litter, blue Somali girl.

Third out was Amaethon. He decided he wanted to come out behind first, and was having a wee bit of problems coming out since Aeval‘s placenta was stuck behind him. Fawn Somali boy. He was also born as the biggest in the litter of 4, 113 grams!

Last we got a little surprise. I was almost starting to believe she was done, then poof, there was a 4th getting cleaned by mother cat. Ai, fawn Somali boy. (might be a girl, Ain in that case)

All the names are taken from the various Celtic Mythologies around the world. Arawn was the Welsh god of the underworld, Aeval was the Fairy Queen of Munster among the Celts of Ireland. Amaethon a Welsh god of agriculture and Ai a Irish Poet God.

I’ll also share some pictures of the whole litter, some kittens and their mother.

I’ll try and update the blog continuously so you can see them growing and finally finding home for themselves.

Make-up and a cat.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Since there is a distinguished lack of make-up pictures in the blog lately, I’ll give you 2 links too 2 new blogs I found and I love them both! They both entered Sminkans “tutorial competition” and I love both of their tutorials! I can’t decide which one and I love best, and the colours! Wow! First is Purity, and then micromiss. I’ll be adding them both as links down to the right (along with sminkan) and then follow them whenever I have time!

Both my cameras are now out of battery, for one of them I can’t find the battery charger anywhere! I’ve been looking and looking and I’ll keep looking til I find it! To my Nikon D40 I forgot the charger in Finland this last weekend. So now I’m just waiting for them to send it to me so I can keep taking pictures! So hang in there, more pictures are coming! I didn’t stop using make-up, just can’t take any good pictures of it any more!

But instead I’ll show you some pretty pictures I took of my cat Saria! Some of the are taken in Finland, out on my cousins very sunny yard and some are from out living-room.

The next picture is my favourite one! I’d like it printed and put up somewhere I think!

That is all for now! I promise I’ll do my best to find that damn  charger!

Kittens here we come!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Finally! After so long with various problems we are finally going make it!

Saria has been in Finland for the last 5 weeks. Now she finally got in heat, and got to meet a really pretty little prince called Igor. And now it finally happened! So hopefully we will have a litter of somalikittens this summer in the beginning of August!

This is the father

I’m so happy and exited!